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Speman tablets areused for oligospermia, as they improve the sperm count by increasing the LH- FSH producing basophil cells in the pituitary gland.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is focused on producing and developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that help people live better and healthier. Their products are highly reliable, all-natural and effective.

Each Speman bottle contains 60 tablets
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QuantityOur PricePrice Per pillYou save
1bottleUS$ 66.00US$ 66.00
2bottlesUS$ 127.00US$ 63.50US$ 5.00
3bottlesUS$ 188.00US$ 62.67US$ 10.00
4bottlesUS$ 245.00US$ 61.25US$ 19.00
5bottlesUS$ 300.00US$ 60.00US$ 30.00
6bottlesUS$ 351.00US$ 58.50US$ 45.00
7bottlesUS$ 400.00US$ 57.14US$ 62.00
8bottlesUS$ 447.00US$ 55.88US$ 81.00
9bottlesUS$ 491.00US$ 54.56US$ 103.00
10bottlesUS$ 531.00US$ 53.10US$ 129.00

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